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Here you will find all the downloads, presentations, and notes that you need to run the Talk Boost KS2 intervention. You will also find details about any updates to the program.


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Here you will find any news about Talk Boost KS2 that you need to know to run the intervention. 


The Talk Boost KS2 Tracker is an online facility that enables you to record, monitor and download or print results following the paper-based child assessment found in your Talk Boost KS2 manual.

The following link and log in information can be used when training practitioners so that you can demonstrate how the online scoring system is used for the tracker without corrupting the database.

Please only use this as an example when training and explain to practitioners that they need to set up their own setting and children when they start to use the intervention. A ‘How To’ Guide for using the Tracker is available above.


Here are seven videos of Talk Boost KS2 and the Tracker being used in a school. The videos are intended to show Talk Boost KS2 in action in order to support your training and promote discussion amongst participants. They are not intended as examples of best practice but do show how a session runs and how the Tracker can be administered.

Licensed Tutors can use these videos in any way they wish to support the existing training for Talk Boost KS2 but should bear in mind that the timing of the training will need to be adjusted accordingly.

The videos are hosted on Vimeo so unless you are certain you will have access to the internet when you deliver your training you will need to download the videos to a memory stick or on to your hard drive. We would love to hear what you think of these videos. Feel free to send your feedback to

To access the videos:

Click here




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