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Here you will find all the downloads, presentations, notes that you need to run the Talk Boost KS1 Intervention. You will also find details about any updates to the program.


Talk Boost KS1 Materials Update – August 2018

We recently updated the materials for Talk Boost KS1. The changes made were mainly minor, fixing a few errors and replacing broken web links, replacing a couple of out-of-date images and using updated language.

The only major change was that we have removed the resources from section 2 out of the intervention manual and so they will only be available pre-cut in the organiser box.

This means that we no longer sell the KS1 starter pack (which is in keeping with the rest of the boost series). This was also because we hardly sold any of the starter packs on their own and it caused some confusion in the marketplace about what resources should be bought.


New I CAN Tracker launches on 6th September

From the afternoon of the 6th September you will be able to access the new version of the I CAN tracker. The process of running the intervention and recording the scores has not changed, we have just improved the functionality of the tracker to make it more stable, easier to use and allow us to develop it in the future. 

Please note that you will need to set up a new account when you first log in as no data was carried over from the previous version. 

To learn how to use the tracker we are producing a number of tools, which can be accessed below, including a quick start video, a how to guide and a set of FAQs. 

Paper versions of the tracker questions are available under the individual program support materials and also available on the tracker itself under the 'Resources' tab. 

Tutor Only Tracker Demonstration Log In:

The following link and log in information can be used when training practitioners so that you can demonstrate how the online scoring system is used for the tracker without corrupting the database.

Please only use this as an example when training and explain to practitioners that they need to set up their own setting and children when they start to use TBKS1. The ‘How To’ Guide for using the Tracker and the tracker tutorial are available above.

If you have any concerns about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7843 2515 or via email at 

Use the Tracker

Talk Boost KS1 Videos

Here are two films of Talk Boost KS1 and the Progression Tool being used in a setting. The films are intended to show Talk Boost KS1 in action in order to support your training and promote discussion amongst participants. They are not intended as examples of best practice but do show how a session runs and how the progression tool can be administered.

Licensed Tutors can use these films in any way they wish to support the existing training for Talk Boost KS1 but should bear in mind that the timing of the training will need to be adjusted accordingly.

The films are hosted on Vimeo so unless you are certain you will have access to the internet when you deliver your training you will need to download the films to a memory stick or on to your hard drive. We would love to hear what you think of these video. Feel free to send your feedback to

Running Talk Boost KS1 - example activities 

Using the Talk Boost KS1 Tracker





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