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Here you will find all the downloads, presentations, notes that you need to run the Early Talk Boost intervention. You will also find details about any updates to the program.


Here you will find information about any updates to the program or any other information that tutors need to know about Early Talk Boost. 


Here you will find any information about the Early Talk Boost Tracker.

The Early Talk Boost Tracker is an online facility that enables you to record, monitor and download or print results following the paper-based child assessment found in your Early Talk Boost manual.


Here you can download the "How to guide", the "Early Talk Boost FAQ" document, watch the tracker tutorial and access the tracker tool.

Tutor Only Demonstration Log In:

The following link and log in information can be used when training practitioners so that you can demonstrate how the online scoring system is used for the tracker without corrupting the database.

Please only use this as an example when training and explain to practitioners that they need to set up their own setting and children when they start to use ETB. A ‘How To’ Guide for using the Tracker is available above.

If you experience any difficulties with the tracker whilst training, please use these slides as an overview


This film is intended to support the delivery of the parent workshop for parents whose children are going to be doing the Early Talk Boost intervention in your setting. Practitioners can use this film with either version of the parent training and talk about how the film shows an adult using the LEARN strategies with a child.

If you are going to use the film somewhere you don’t have internet access you will need to download it to a hard drive or memory stick.

Tizzy's Talking Tips from I CAN Charity on Vimeo.





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