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Talk Boost KS1 Materials Update – August 2018

We recently updated the materials for Talk Boost KS1. The changes made were mainly minor, fixing a few errors and replacing broken web links, replacing a couple of out-of-date images and using updated language.

The only major change was that we have removed the resources from section 2 out of the intervention manual and so they will only be available pre-cut in the organiser box.

This means that we no longer sell the KS1 starter pack (which is in keeping with the rest of the boost series). This was also because we hardly sold any of the starter packs on their own and it caused some confusion in the marketplace about what resources should be bought.

We will be making the section 2 resources available as a PDF that schools can download if they need them. 

Exciting news: New I CAN Tracker on the way! 

I CAN is in the process of developing a new online tracking tool for the Talk Boost programmes. The new tracker is due to be available in September 2021 in time for the new academic year. This is an exciting new development as the new tracker will be easier to use and provide a better experience for people using the tracker. There will also be enhanced reporting as well as the option for organisations to get aggregate data from multiple schools.  

The tracker will be a completely new product and unfortunately the existing data will not be carried over. All settings are advised that if they want to retain their child data they can download it into either an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF of the scores. You can find out how to do this here.

For those of you using the Talk Boost programme between May and August 2021, no data will be transferred to the new tracker and access to the current tracker will cease on 1st August.  You should proceed with the following recommendations:  

     1.   If you plan to do both the pre and post assessments before August then it is fine to use the current             tracker. 

     2.   If you plan to do the first assessment between May and August 2021 but the second one will be done from September onwards, then we recommend that you still do the assessments but use the paper versions supplied with the interventions but do not enter the information into the tracker. When the new tracker is live in September you can access it, create your setting details, enter the first assessments and continue as normal.  

If you have any concerns about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7843 2515 or via email at 

Talk Boost KS1 Tracker - Reception
Talk Boost KS1 Tracker - Year 1
Talk Boost KS1 Tracker - Year 2
Children’s attitude survey

We recommend that you read the 'How To Guide' to help you use the Talk Boost KS1 Tracker.

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