I CAN’s “TALK” Parent Webinars

TALK = Talking Activities for Little Kids!

“TALK” Parent Webinars

This exciting addition to our family support offer consists of four webinars aimed at parents of children aged 18 months to 2 ½ years who are concerned about their child’s language development.  

The webinars are led by a speech and language therapistIn each webinar, we will talk through a range of targeted activities and approaches that you can put into practice with your child at home. You will have an opportunity to ask questions about the information provided at the end of the webinar (using the chat feature) so that you feel confident in using the strategies and approaches with your child. 

In total, we have four different themed webinars, with one webinar taking place per fortnight. You can attend one or all of the webinars depending on your interest in the topics presented  

Following the webinars, we advise you to try out the strategies at home, and contact our Enquiry Service if your child has not made progress over a three-month period.  

Watch our TALK Webinar Video to know more!


The webinar topics and links are given below.                                                                                                You will also find links to the slides for each webinar that you can download before the session.

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Date of Training Type of Training
Wednesday 18th May, 9.30-10.10am Supporting Language Development During Everyday Routines
Wednesday 1st June, 9.30-10.10am Sharing Books to Develop Language
Wednesday 15th June, 9.30-10.10am Using Songs and Rhymes to Develop Language
Thursday 30th June, 9.30-10.10am Symbolic Noises and First Words
  • Supporting language development during everyday routines

    This webinar aims at providing parents with evidenced based strategies that can be used during everyday routines to help their child's language development. 

    Click here for the parent slides. 


  • Sharing books to develop language

    In this webinar, learn how to engage your children in a fun and engaging way using books !

    Click here for the parent slides. 


  • Using songs and rhymes to develop language

    Using songs and rhymes are proven to help children in their language development and this webinar aims to share with parents the different strategies that they can be use to help their children. 

    Click here for the parent slides. 

    Click here for the "songs and rhymes" cards.


  • Symbolic noises and first words

    This webinar aims to explain the significance of symbolic noises and first words and the different strategies parents can use to encourage and help their children in their language development. 

    Click here for the parent slides.


  • Useful Information

    • Click here to visit our Talking Point website for parents. 
    • Click here to find out about the typical stages of speech and language development. 
    • Click here to use the I CAN Progress Checker to find out how your baby or child is getting on with their speech, language and communication development. 
    • Explore the Hungry Little Minds and Tiny Happy Happy People websites for information and activities. 

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