1.5 million children are at risk of being left behind with their speaking and understanding


It is already clear that Covid and the lockdowns it has involved have had a huge effect on children’s education. Children of all ages have been deprived of daily conversations, disrupting opportunities to develop vital skills in speaking and understanding. I CAN’s report, Speaking Up for the Covid Generation, is revealing just how harmful the impact has been. Both primary and secondary school teachers are concerned that without further support from Government, children at risk will be left with poor skills, fewer job opportunities and more mental health concerns 

Our new report paints a worrying picture for nearly 1.5 million children struggling to be able to speak and to understand what other people are saying to them. 

Download and read the full report now by completing the details below.  You will also be able to access our Social Media Toolkit and share the findings.   

Let’s #SpeakUpForCovidGen 
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How we can support educators, professionals and parents

For Educators and Professionals

Explore our Talk Boost interventions which are targeted for children with delayed language helping to boost their speaking and understanding. Differentiated for children between the ages of 3-10 years, the programmes aim to accelerate children’s progress in speaking and understanding so they catch up with their peer group.

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For Parents

Discover our range of resources and factsheets to help you support your child with speaking and understanding. In addition, we offer a free enquiry service, giving you the opportunity to speak with one of our trained speech and language therapists.

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