Early Talk Toolkit

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The Early Talk Toolkit is a collection of I CAN resources designed to help children under 5 with their speech and language.


This toolkit contains a range of DVDs, posters, books and activity cards. It contains a number of resources that are not available individually and comes in a hard-wearing plastic box.  

   * 5 X First Words Poster
   * 5 X Ages and Stages of Development Poster
   * 5 X Top Techniques Poster
   * 1 X Babbling Babies Activity Cards
   * 1 X Toddler Talk Activity Cards
   * 1 X Chatting With Children Activity Cards   
   * 2 X Ready Steady Talk Book
   * 1 X Chatter Matters DVD (available online here)
   * 1 X Understanding Communication Development Book
   * 1 X Learning to Talk DVD (available online here)
   * 1 X Making a Difference Book
   * 1 X Progress Check: Communication and Language Book

This toolkit is a valuable resource for any setting that works with young children and can be purchased on its own or as part of the Early Talk training

Age Range: Early Years
Resource Target: Practitioners

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