14 May 2018

I CAN’s response to National Deaf Children’s Societies’ report that over a third of councils are planning to cut support for deaf children in 2018

Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive of I CAN, the children’s communication charity said, “It has been upsetting and eye opening to hear the news from the National Deaf Children’s Society (NCDS) that over a third of councils in England are planning to cut support for deaf children this year. Every child deserves the best chance in life to reach their full potential and the loss of £4million worth of support is something that should shock the sector, parents and wider society. 

Early intervention is essential to developing speech, language and communication and learning. It’s critical that deaf children get the support they need from trained specialists. It’s concerning that local authority cuts are resulting in reduced numbers of specialists such as teachers of the deaf or speech and language therapists.

Many of the concerns expressed in the report echo those we found in Bercow Ten Years On, including lack of knowledge and specialism, long waits for parents, cuts to specialist advisory services. The report also features evidence given from NDCS."



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