SLCN: Spotting the signs

Identifying children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) is not always easy - it is often referred to as ‘the hidden disability’​.

Information on typical speech and language development can be used to identify those children whose skills are not developing as we’d expect. These include:

  • Talking Point – a website full of information on typical language development with a useful Progress Checker.
  • Universally Speaking – a series of booklets showing where children should be with their communication skills at ages Birth -5 years5-11 years and 11-18 years.
  • The Speech, Language and Communication Progression Tools are resources covering Early Years, Primary and Secondary age groups to support teaching staff to identify children who may be struggling.. 
  • For quick and easy reference to developmental milestones these Primary and Secondary posters are a useful resource.
  • Schools can use this simple guide to support identification.
  • Read these case studies of good practice in identifying children and young people with SLCN.

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