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Welcome to Early Talk Boost Online

Here you will find everything you need to access your course online.

If you are having any technical issues, please feel free to get in touch to resolve them. Contact rradford@ican.org.uk or 020 7843 2538.


  • Pre Course Activities

    See below the Pre Course Activity for this course, as well as a photo of the contents of the Early Talk Boost Intervention pack. This can show you what's inside the pack if you aren't able to access it before your training.

    Feel free to complete the pre-course activities in whatever format works best for you. You can print and complete the activities or make some notes on a separate piece of paper ready to feedback in the session.

  • Session 1

    Here you will find the content for Session 1, and the follow up task instructions.

    Follow Up Task:

    Decide who is best to manage the tracker account in your setting. Nominate one person to sign up to tracker website: https://icantracker.org.uk/user

    That person then invites other relevant staff to the setting tracker account.

    See the resources for the I CAN Tracker here. This is where you can view all other helpful resources, including watching the tracker video.

  • Session 2

    Here you will find the content for Session 2.

  • Feedback and certificate

    Please complete the course evaluation to give feedback to I CAN and receive your certificate here

    Thank you in advance for providing your feedback. This helps us to improve our course delivery based on your feedback.

    If you have any further questions about Early Talk Boost, please get in touch with info@ican.org.uk or for queries about purchases, feel free to ring and speak with one of our Social Enterprise team on 020 7843 2538.

  • Further Practitioner Information

    Where can I find relevant resources?

    Practitioner Resources

    Please click here to find your relevant resources, including a handy PowerPoint template to create your settings photo album with photos of each weekly session.

    Supporting Video Resources

    Please click here to view our Early Talk Boost Vimeo showcase, where you can see our supporting videos and also download them to save to your computer or share with parents.


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