Together, we can do more 

I CAN's three year business plan

When it comes to spoken language for children, we’re the UK’s leading communication charity. But we want to do more. Much more.

1.4 million children in the UK have long-term speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) . Being able to communicate is a fundamental part of a child’s development. Which is why we want to reach more children across the UK, support them and help them for the future.

Our five strategic objectives:
Supporting vulnerable children
  • Find new partners to help reach more children
  • Give children with mental health issues the support they need
  • Develop targeted approaches to help vulnerable children at high risk of SLCN
Developing our schools as centres of excellence
  • Increase pupil numbers
  • Work with Ofsted to produce a model for language and communication
  • Develop a thorough and effective school improvement cycle for both school
Championing the needs of children
  • Hit the headlines to increase the profile of SLCN
  • Work with Ofsted to produce a model for language and communication
  • Reach new audiences via the Communication Consortium
Delivering new services & programmes
  • Create a Young Persons’ Ambassador programme to ensure their voice is heard
  • Develop a research centre
  • Create targeted school based programmes to support children with DLD
Be the best we can be
  • Build one organisation, one culture, one mission
  • Go digital and incorporate it into our strategy
  • Increase our impact with a new brand refresh and business development strategy

We know that there are still thousands of children whose speech, language and communication needs remain unidentified, mislabelled, and under-supported.

But we also know that by coming together, we can achieve far more for children with speech, language, and communication needs.

If you would like to find out how you can help us to make a difference to children's lives, then get in touch by emailing


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