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I CAN is the children’s communication charity

We’re incredibly proud of our achievements over the past year. We’re continuing to make a difference to millions of children in the UK who would otherwise have been left behind.

Across the UK, one in ten children are struggling to speak and understand language right now. This increases to one in four for those children living in disadvantaged areas of the UK.

A lack of knowledge and resources means that too many children and young people with speaking and understanding needs don’t receive enough appropriate support. Without these skills in speaking and understanding, children will struggle to make friends, learn, have good mental health, and ultimately, get a job.

I CAN is here to change that.


What we do

We want a world where all children have the communication skills they need to fulfil their potential. We’re working towards this vision by:


  • Offering practical help for parents who are concerned about their child
  • Empowering early years and school professionals through training, support and information
  • Running outreach programmes in the community


  • Developing intervention programmes for delivery in over 5,000 nurseries and schools across the UK

Our reach and impact

We’re proud of the difference our activities make to children and young people in the UK who would otherwise be left behind:


Over 5,000 nurseries and schools across the country run our intervention programmes

More than 1.2 million people a year access information and advice on our website

100% of students leave Dawn House School and go into further education, employment or independent living



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