I CAN Help Enquiry Service

The Enquiry Service is open 3 days a week, from 9:30am to 4:30pm. For more information and to have a chat with an I CAN speech and language therapist, call 020 7843 2544

I CAN's Assessment Services

Our speech and language assessment services provide families, professionals or local authorities with a joined up picture of a child's needs

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How can I help my child's speech and language development?

I CAN's Talking Point gives parents/carers and practitioners the information they need to help children develop their speech, language and communication skills. If a child has difficulty with speaking, they may need help, or they may struggle in nursery or school. With the right help, they can develop the skills they need. 

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I CAN Help Enquiry Service

Got a question or concern about a child’s speech and language development? You can speak to one of our speech and language specialists for advice and guidance by calling

020 7843 2544

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