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Secondary school accountability: what schools will be reporting about children’s progress

This year changes have been introduced in how secondary schools measure the progress that pupils make. It means that schools will show how well they are doing using a different system; this is to make sure schools are doing all they can to enable all pupils make good progress.

Schools will be reporting using a measure called Progress 8. It tells us how much progress a pupil has made from the end of primary school until the end of secondary school. It will show whether pupils in the school made average, above average or below average progress compared to pupils of similar abilities in other schools. The new measure will be based on students’ progress measured across eight subjects.

Lots of schools have published information about what Progress 8 means and you may be able to find further information on their websites.

The government guidance for schools about Progress 8 measures can be downloaded from here.

We know that progress across all areas of the curriculum is reliant on good communication skills. Our ‘What’s Typical Talk at Secondary?’ poster is designed to help teachers to understand young people's speech and language development from 11-18 years and is free to download here.