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Resources to help parents understand the Better Communication Research Programme

November 2014

Symbol, working with The Communication trust, have published a website to help parents to clearly understand the findings of the Better Communication Research Programme (BCRP). The BCRP was a three year research programme set up by the Government to look at the issues that affected children with speech, language & communication needs (SLCN). BCRP provides a lot of evidence and information about how children with SLCN should be helped and supported at school. 19 reports were written, each one looking at a different area and they were published in December 2012. The original reports can be read here.

Symbol’s website clearly explains the findings of each of the different reports, covering six different recommendations:

  • Speech, language and communication needs should be clearly described
  • Children should be supported at different levels
  • Ask children, young people and their families what they want
  • Special training is needed for staff working with children with SLCN
  • Children with SLCN should get the most appropriate support
  • More research is needed

The website also describes how the findings link to the special educational needs reforms and can be found here.