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National Curriculum – changes to the Primary curriculum

September 2014

At the start of September 2014 primary schools in England were required to introduce a new national curriculum –this represents a major change in the way they will be working.

The new National Curriculum for primary schools has programmes of study that are more challenging, slimmer, and focused on what is seen as essential subject knowledge.

For Maths, Science and English, the final programmes of study are detailed and prescriptive, with new lists of objectives for year and/or stage.

However, in other non-core subjects, the programmes of study are radically slimmed down and far less prescriptive, allowing teachers more freedom to develop a curriculum for their own school

Speaking and listening will be known as spoken language as part of the new curriculum, and one brief programme of study covers the whole of the primary years. Teachers are instead required to develop pupils' spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary as integral aspects of the teaching of every subject.

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