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New report supports the drive for Early Intervention

May 2015

The Early Intervention Foundation has recently published a new report as part of their work to provide evidence and advice on early intervention.

“The Best Start At Home: A report on what works to improve the quality of parent-child interactions from conception to age 5” is a report that describes the results of a review into a range of early intervention programmes. The review tells us what is effective in these programmes to improve interactions between parents and young children.

The report describes the programmes and the different ways that they are delivered to families. It also looks at how they impact on three different areas of early child development:

  • Attachment and parental sensitivity;
  • Social, and emotional skills and behaviour;
  • Communication and language skills.

The report tells us what works in these interventions for language and communication skills. This includes things like parents sharing books with their children to encourage discussion. It also tells us what has less evidence to say it is helpful, for example baby signing. It also includes some recommendations about what should be done to help parents and children in the future.

Information from this report will be used to update the Early Intervention Guidebook in the summer.

You can read about I CAN’s programmes for supporting communication and language skills in the early years here

For information on children’s early language and communication development visit the Talking Point website.

To find out more about the Early Intervention Foundation visit their website.