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A new Department for Education research report has been published on the 2-2 ½ year check

December 2014

A research report has been published on the findings of a recent study, the ‘Integrated Review at 2-2½ Years - Integrating the Early Years Foundation Stage Progress Check and the Healthy Child Programme health and development review’. The aim of this study was to trial bringing together the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Progress Check at age two with the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) 2-2½ year health and development review to make just one check carried out on children, which will also be done at two years. This was because of worries that a lack of joining up between the two reviews (which are currently done separately) means that some parents receive confusing and conflicting advice and problems are not identified as early as they could be.

Since January 2012, five local authorities (pilot sites) have been developing new ways to design, test, and start to use a single Integrated Review and these have been being fully tested since January 2013.

Initial findings from the pilot sites are:

  • Having two lead individuals from health and early years working closely together was important to success in making the Integrated Review happen.
  • It worked best where both health and early years staff shared their expertise and worked together.
  • The pilots highlighted a need for training on child development, making clinical judgements and, in particular, communicating with parents.
  • More people took up the chance to have the Integrated review than had used the Healthy Child Programme health and development review on its own.
  • A barrier to success was a lack of common systems for information sharing and keeping children’s records.

One important reflection in the report is that there is a need to make sure that services are able to accept earlier referrals, if an Integrated Review is going to lead to early intervention for children. In other words, it’s not just about doing the review but also about ensuring that systems are in place to follow up on a child’s needs.

You can read the full study report here.

Read here for more information on the Integrated Review.

I CAN have a Progress Check: Language and Communication enabling practitioners to give parents information on their child’s language and communication development.

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