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Assessment Without Levels: a new report

Since September 2015, schools have no longer been required to use national curriculum levels to report on children’s progress but instead have been encouraged to develop and use their own ways of measuring how well children are doing. This is in line with the revised curriculum content and principles. To help schools to do this the Commission on Assessment Without Levels was set up, to give advice and support to schools in developing new approaches to their own in-school assessment. The Commission have recently published their final report which can be used to help schools develop their new systems for assessment.

The report contains some key information on:

• The purposes and principles of assessment

• Guidance for schools developing an assessment policy

• Collecting and recording data

• What Ofsted will be looking for from schools

• What is needed as part of teacher training

It also contains a number of recommendations to help embed and share good practice.

The aim is for schools to use the information and guidance to help them develop a system that is going to work the best for them.

The full report The Final Report of the Commission on Assessment Without Levels, published in September can be read here.