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A new report on special educational needs and their links to poverty

April 2016

A recently published research report has looked at the links between special educational needs (SEN) and poverty and why the links are so strong.

This report shows that children and young people with SEN are more likely to experience poverty. They also found that because of their SEN children and young people are less likely to be able to reduce their chances of living in poverty. So, this means that poverty is both a cause and an effect of SEN. The report makes a series of recommendations, including:

• Policy-makers and school and early years leaders should prioritise SEN.

• Staff in schools and early years settings should be trained to identify needs so that they can be spotted early.

• Specific funding for pupils with SEN who are at risk of exclusion should be provided so that schools can support them before they are excluded.

You can read the report in full here.

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