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Here are some of I CAN’s top ideas - to arrange your own event!

Arrange your own event

Top fundraising ideas

There are a huge number of tried and tested means of raising money in the community. Here are some of I CAN's top ideas. Request our full fundraising pack by emailing

Come Dine with Me

Put your culinary skills to the test whilst you and your friends host a dinner party just like the TV show. You can judge each other's cooking ability and everyone makes a donation to take part. Make sure there's a prize for the Host with the Most!

Hold a summer barbecue

Tempt your mates with some sizzling summer feast. Get a tasty donation for your gorgeous grub by sparking up the barbecue and getting some drinks on ice!

Themed party

Fancy dress or a Black and White Ball? Get creative and design your own themed party! Tickets and raffles will soon get the money rolling in!

Cheese and wine evening

Ask your friends round to sample some culinary delights with a touch of sophistication or try a Foods of the World night!

Hold a coffee and cakes morning

Get the latest gossip and host a coffee and cake morning!

Car wash

Encourage your neighbours and locals to donate by washing their cars in exchange for some cash!

Approach your local theatre or music groups

Bring Live Aid to your local community theatre by asking them to put on a production on behalf of I CAN with tickets proceeds adding to your fundraising total. If you're the creative type, then put on your own production!

Quiz night or bingo

General knowledge or pick a theme… everyone loves a quiz night with their friends! Get your local pub to provide a buffet for free, by offering to hold your event on one of their normally quiet nights.

Plant or book sale

A local car boot sale is an ideal spot to offload your unwanted books or to sell some spring seedlings for money towards your own fundraising pot!

Cards evening

Rummy, blackjack, snap or Top Trumps. Put on your poker face and get your friends round. Remember the banker always wins!

Make it count!

At all the events you can hold a raffle or auction to generate some more income. Ask for local businesses and friends to donate prizes!

Other Fundraising ideas


From Wimbledon to Strictly Come Dancing , get your friends to place their bets on who will win in a sweepstake!

You can download the I CAN Strictly Come Dancing Sweepstake here now! Good Luck!

Dress down day

Charge £1 to come into school or the office in your own choice of clothes…everyone loves fancy dress.

Guess the baby competition

Have you ever wondered what your colleagues or friends looked like when they were little? Get everyone to raid the family albums for some easy money and 'aww' moments.

Ask the boss for a day's holiday

Everyone loves a holiday! Ask your boss to donate a day's paid leave as a brilliant raffle or auction prize.

Donations instead of presents or wedding favours

Have everything you need or don't believe in bags of sugared almonds? Then go for a charity gift.