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Why Support Us?

In classrooms across the UK, over a million children have their potential trapped behind a communication difficulty.

These children struggle to speak in sentences or understand simple instructions. They find it hard to make friends and learn at school. They can’t follow lessons and quickly fall behind. As their frustration grows, their behaviour worsens and the risk of school exclusion increases.

Daily life for these children is extremely distressing, frustrating and lonely. They are at a disadvantage from day one and their future is at risk - illustrated by the very high number (80%) of young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). One of most important skills of 21st century employees is the skill to communicate effectively. Improving communication skills will help young people to attain at school, build their feelings of self-worth and enhance their career prospects.

The alternatives are costly. At an estimated £97,000 for every young person who is NEET over the course of their lifetime, supporting I CAN’s programmes has a compelling case from an economic perspective as well as the human one.

By working with I CAN you will be tackling the issue of children’s communication difficulties, an issue that lies at the heart of many other problems. With so many children affected across the UK, you will be tackling an issue that touches the lives of your staff, customers and local communities. Your support will make a difference to children across the UK and, ultimately, contribute to improved skills and qualifications for your future workforce.

    • Every partnership is unique. The best way to find out the most impactful and mutually beneficial collaboration is to speak to us directly, so please get in touch.

      Jess Phillips, Corporate Partnerships Manager

      Call: 020 7843 2533