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Monthly Theme - Assessment

Recent analysis has shown that more than half of children with language disorder in primary schools are being not being identified and are missing out on the support they need.

This month we explore the crucial role of assessment, share some examples of what works well and provide information on tools and resources useful in assessing children’s communication skills.

Assessments at Dawn House School
Heather Benjamin, head of Assessment Service and SENCo at I CAN's Dawn House School, speaks to us about how assessment works at the school.

Case Study: Meath School
An accurate assessment by I CAN's Meath School made all the difference to one young boy and his family

Assessing teenagers' language skills
Dr Sarah Spencer, lecturer at the University of Sheffield shares some ideas about how to assess teenagers' language skills.

Progress Checker
Our online Progress Checker on the Talking Point website can help you to find out about a childs' speech and language development.